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  • Works with or without shoes.
  • Stops the pain quickly
  • Realigns the bone and hoof wall
  • Painless application
  • Easy to apply
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Hoof Cinch... A Cinch To Fix Founder


The Only Device That Relieves Pain and
Realigns the Hoof Wall to the Coffin Bone

The Hoof Cinch is now available at :

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Well-shod is a full farrier supply store with great service  and products.


Oleo Acres is a full farrier supply store with great service and products. 

The new Lift devices are currently in production. We will have them available by the end of March.  The Lift is a painless application that relieves heel pain fast. If you have a horse with Navicular syndrome, low heel problems, lax tendons, or any rear hoof pain call us. 


** Check out the new video on the Lift by Hoof Cinch below **

Laminitis and founder are a great source of pain for the horse and his/her owner. The horse suffers physically while the owner suffers emotionally and financially. The Hoof Cinch is here to change all of this. The Hoof Cinch is an affordable, safe and painless way to fix founder. 


Laminitis can be caused by many variables. At Hoof Cinch we recommend having a good farrier and veterinarian that work well together, work on your horse. While the cause for the laminitis is being sought, the Hoof Cinch can relieve the pain and start the corrective process.

In the treatment of founder, there is a lot of misinformation and unproven theories about the horse hoof and can make it difficult for the owner, the veterinarian and farrier to determine the proper treatment for the foundering horse. 

The Hoof Cinch just requires the hoof to be trimmed with a slight elevation of the heels  It is beneficial to leave the horse's heels elevated as it reduces the pull of the deep flexor and increases the blood flow in the hoof.  The horse MUST NOT be walking directly on its soles.

The hoof wall construction is a marvel in itself. The two types of tubulars allow the hoof to flex but remain a very solid object.  The screws placed in this structure do not allow bacteria to enter and do not compromise the structure. Many horses have been treated with the Hoof Cinch and not once has there been any problems with the hoof wall due to the screws. 

Looking at the set of Before and After X-rays to the right you can see that in the Before picture, the coffin bone rotates away from the hoof wall due to failing laminae in the front of the hoof. 


The After picture shows the improvement in rotation after just 7 weeks after the application of The Hoof Cinch.

To fix founder the hoof cinch applies pressure to the affected area, relieving pain and forcing the hoof wall to grow back closer to the bone, allowing the laminae to reattach.  Screws secure the Hoof Cinch to the hoof wall and no shoes are required making this a pain free installation for the horse.

The Hoof Cinch also causes the hoof to grow at a faster rate due to the continuous pressure applied to the hoof wall that stimulates the coronary band.  10-16 weeks is the normal application time.

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*** NEW ***

Apply The Hoof Cinch

To see our new video of The Hoof Cinch being applied click on the video below.

** NEW ** The Lift by Hoof Cinch. Hoof Cinch is proud to announce development of the Lift kit. The Lift helps horse suffering from navicular, long toe/low heel and tendon issues in the rear of the hoof.?